With today's advanced technology and continuous testing and assurance for 25 years,
INCODERM series has been launched to satisfy Beautician's and customers' needs.
Especially with its unique "liquid crystal" & " Pytosomal Form" techniques,
it stabilizes the precious active ingredients within the products and gradually releasing into each inner skin layer while extending active ingredients effect.

CLEANSING & NORMALIZING MILK - Cleansing and normalizing milk gently remove make-up and natural skin secretion. Maintain the balance of nature skin lipid membranes, without causing irritation and allergies.

2 in 1 BIPHASE VITESSE C - CLEANSER & MAKE-UP REMOVER - Ideal product for delicately removing make-up and impurities. An appropriate mixture of solvent oils removes fat-soluble substances, whereas the aqueous phase, also containing an orange extract with protected Vitamin C, looks after solubilizing the hydrophilic make-up components.

TONING & REFRESHING LOTION - It has a soothing, softening and toning effect and is kind to the skin's pH. It can also supply Vitamin to nourish the skin and boost skin elasticity.

SCRUB CREAM - Cream formulated for a stronger cleansing action. Suitable for skin that needs to be cleansed more deeply than with just cleansing milk. If used during sun-bathing periods, it fosters surface cell replacement while improving tan uniformity and intensity.

COLLAGEN & HONEY MASK - It is capable of performing a combination of essential skin care function such as moisturizing, nourishing and replenishing. This mask especially indicated for worn-out, thirsty, dehydrated and wrinkled skins.

VITESSE PURIFYING CREAM - It is treatment cream for very oily skin prone to impurities such as acne. An ultra-light hydrator that refines and balances oily to combination skin.


MASQUE BLEU POST PEELING - Lightening and decongestive mask. Ideal for after treatment with exfoliating prodcuts. Helps eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin. After use, skin appears more refined with visibly minimized pores.

VITESSE SERUM CHRON-O - Highly moisturizing and regenerating on visibly impoverished skin due to external (sun, wind, sea salt) and endogenous (smoking, alcohol, improper diet) elements. Light and silky fluid that stimulates the skin's vital functions.

VITESSE CREAM CHRON-O - Liquid crystal-based cream particularly rich and soft which melts in the skin regenerating and oxygenating it. It is formulated with oxygen boosters that penetrates quickly into skin to instantly revive tired, dull and sallow skin. Skin is transformed into a radiantly beautiful and youthful complexion.

ANTI-AGEING FILLER DROP - A natural, non-invasive ingredient that quickly smoothes and firms the skin. Skin treated with the Anti-Age Filler Drops instantly looks smooth and healthy. The marks of time regress with an effect that lasts long after application.

RADIANT ANTI-AGEING CREAM - The natural proteins of silk blend with the skin's keratin to increase the moisturizing capacity that improves the skin's hydrolipid balance. Skin treated with the Radiant Anti-Ageing Cream instantly looks young, healthy, smooth and radiant.

SERUM VITESSE COUPEROSE - Especially for sensitive skin that reacts easily to external stimuli, with a  tendency to couperose. The high content of Vitamin C and blueberry extract help strengthen the capillary structure. In addition, this serum can improve microcirculation reduce redness.



SERUM C - High strength moisturising fluid containing a stable Vitamin C by-product and other elements that make it particularly effective. It is vitamin C-enriched formula is designed to help you recapture the fresh, smooth-looking skin of your youth. With continued daily usage, Serum C helps to prevent the formation of future dark spots and other skin discolorations.

VITESSE CREAM C - The emulsion base containing liquid crystals boosts the nourishing and controlled release function of the various active substances. It contributes to defending the skin against daily stress and stimulates the formation of collagen, thus activating an important moisturizing action.

CREAM VITESSE Q-10 - Liquid crystal-based emulsion with controlled release of the active substances. Coenzyme Q10 boosts the regenerating action of the various vitamins and together they block the formation of free radicals. It increase skin elasticity. For the best result, highly recommend use with Vitesse Serum Chron-O together.

VITESSE CREAM - EYES & LIPS CONTOUR - The liquid crystal emulsion improves skin tone and elasticity in delicate areas of the face such as around the eyes and lips. Comprising a rich combination of vitamins and other essential skin nourishing ingredients, reduces eye contour fat, moisturises deeply and, when completely absorbed, leaves a noticeable lifting effect.

CREAM VITEASE COUPEROSE - Cream that contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and enriched with glycyrrhetic acid phytosomes and an exclusive barley extract that help protect the skin from external aggressions effectively while reducing redness and irritation

DELICIIS THE SOFT INTIMATE FOAM - Soft eco-foam ideal for delicately cleansing intimate parts with due regard for your natural pH. It contains water-based organic extracts of Chamomile very soothing. The Vanilla bio-essence imparts genuine pleasure.



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